Laughing Moon – Dark chocolate with chipotle and cinnamon

January 11, 2008 - chocolate

First, a little mystery. This chocolate bar from Laughing Moon mysteriously appeared; from where I do not know. I set it aside for several minutes, providing ample opportunity for any rightful owners to appear, but alas, they did not, and thus this particular review appears…

Anyone who know me knows I search endlessly for a that blends spicy chiles in a manner that exudes the original intent of the Aztecs – spicy, flavorful, a chocolate fireworks. (There was this one place in Quebec that approached this almost-infinite point to the extent that a milkshake made with this chocolate ice cream was absolutely heavenly…) So, I see chocolate with chili peppers and it must be sampled…

This is a handmade bar – it’s refreshing to see a bar as a literal bar, cast without portioning divisions, and the wrapper is sans bar code. The chilis build slowly to a crescendo about three minutes after you start enjoying this. It’s creamy and smooth for a dark chocolate, and I think the does a great job of hiding any bitterness. Having said that, I contemplate whether there’s too much cinnamon – it’s almost as though one could feel the grit of the cinnamon as the buttery solids dissolve in your mouth.

In comparison to other spicy chocolates? This is pretty darn close to perfect. I think Questzalcoatl would be proud.

4 yr old: “a little bit spicy, a little bit piggy (transl: sticky), a lot little bit spicy”; 2yr. old: “I eat, mommy.” Do you like it better than M&Ms? “yeah” Do you like the spicy? “yeah”

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