Lake Champlain Organic Bars: Milk Sea Salt & Almonds

January 25, 2008 - chocolate

As Lake Champlain Chocolates puts it, “let change your world,” and their bars are an excellent starting point for your travels. With a subtle touch of crunchy almonds, the gray sea adds just the right amount of savoriness to a creamy smooth milk bar. The label says 38% cocoa content, but it tastes like more, a credit to Lake Champlain’s craftwork.

It’s an interesting combination of the almonds and sea salt, pockets of saltiness forming in your mouth and as you chew down you get the crunch of the almonds. We’re not talking about an Almond Joy bar, overwhelming amounts of large obnoxious almonds, it’s much more elegant, smaller, tasty morsels of nuttiness.

Finally, a reliable measure of how good a chocolate bar is how a four-year-old likes it: “Salty tastes a little bit crunchy. Lightish hostess, tastes a little different than peanuts, a good taste, but I don’t know the taste.” And from the two-year-old: “Elmo! Cookie tastes like.”

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