Dagoba Super Fruit dark chocolate

March 14, 2008 - chocolate

The third in our Dagoba trilogy this evening is the Super Fruit. Made with acai powder, and currants – where does these guys in Oregon come up with these ingredients? It’s not like we walk into a Trader Joes and find this in the dried fruit and nuts section… So goji berries are really wolfberries, grown predominately in the Chinese Himalayans, and have a sweet taste and when dried, the consistency of hard raisins.

Another dark chocolate (for those keeping score, this is 74% cocoa like the Xocolatl) this is interspersed with and berries, and it works well. There’s a slight sweetness and light fruity scent that develops, gently overlaying the thick bitterness of the chocolate. I’m attracted to ginger, but I have to say I like this bar better than the lemon ginger.

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  1. smeggy says:

    i’ve tried the superfruit bar & it is amazingly good. in fact i fear that i am officially addicted. i bought a whole case of it 2 weeks ago & they are almost gone 🙂

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