Cline Oakley four Whites

May 8, 2008 - wine

We’ve been noticing how vineyards are assembling interesting blends of whites and reds. Just when you finally settled on a preference for a cabernet franc/ blend over a cab sauvignon/pinot noir, now we see blends of multiple varietals, which in the whites has become really intruiging. Hmm.

The label on this particular bottle has a picture of a rope, the label itself is nicely diecut to exude something old-Westernish in appearance. What does this have to do with blending white wines?

Cline four whitesWell, the label alleges that the “gnarly, ancient” [dude!] vines they grow without water and constant winds produce grapes of exceptional character. And, indeed it does. This is a really nice, cheap white table wine. There’s a hint of fruity sweetness, it’s off dry so it’s still crisp. The brings a nice flavor, and there’s the buttery smoothness of the chardonnay. Overall, this is a really easy pair with seafood or chinese food.

We’d definitely pick a couple of these up next time we’re in Jersey…

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