Ethel M Mocha Cappuccino in dark chocolate

June 15, 2008 - chocolate

From Ethel M in Vegas we picked up a small bar to try. For those who don’t recognize the brand, Ethel’s is to M&M’s as Lexus is to Toyota. Whenever in Vegas, we’ll try to pick up some of their truffles – they have some really wonderful alcoholic-inspired ones, like the margarita and the cabernet… mmm.

Anyway, this bar is a nice, smooth combination of two even layers of dark and white chocolate, presumably the cappuccino is flavored in the white? We had a hard time figuring that out. Do we care? Not really. It’s very creamy with a nice not-too-overwhelming coffee flavor, but because of the white chocolate, this might be more suited for a lover.
And, here’s another manufacturer generically listing ingredients: “spices.”

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