Hachez Cocoa d’Arriba – Strawberry & Pepper

September 11, 2008 - chocolate

Strawberry and pepper? German dark chocolate? Sounded interesting.

Using Ecuadorian dark chocolate, this is a mildly bitter, dark, not overly sweet chocolate. Very smooth, full-flavored, bittersweet chocolate. We think while the pepper is just about right, the strawberry could stand to be a little more prominent. As it is, it has just a hint of strawberry (1.5%) which floats to the top as it melts in your mouth, and the pepper holds the bottom down. This is indeed a “superior mild dark chocolate.”

Two year old’s reaction: shakes head vigorously and succinctly says “no.”

Four year old: “a little salty, tastes like grapes, a little bitter and creamy.”

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