Choklad Mörk Dark Chocolate

October 12, 2008 - chocolate

Here’s a nice, solid, well-made chocolate bar to satisfy your chocolate craving, while browsing your local IKEA. Sure, we’ve done the obligatory swedish meatballs and macaroni and cheese for lunch many times with the kids. On our most recent excursion, we noticed a case (and I do mean an IKEA case – 6 bars wide, 2 foot deep) of chocolate bars, and decided to try some for dessert. What a deal – 3 bars for $2.50, or $0.99 each – this bar easily blows away some of the more expensive plain dark chocolate bars we’ve tried recently.
This has a nice, deep rich flavor, with 60% cocoa, and its label denotes its origin from Germany. So the question for us is, what German chocolate maker makes this on the side for IKEA? I think I might take a minute and email them to see what other flavors they might consider besides dark and milk. Ligonberry and chili, perhaps?
Five-year-old: “a little spicy, tastes a little sour, smooth and a little milky. [Sweetness?] Just right.”

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