Dolfin Noir Au Poivre Blanc & Cardamome

December 17, 2009 - chocolate

Finally, we get to the third of three Dolfin chocolate bars in our Belgian-pepper trifecta. And, I think this might even the best of the three.
First we have dark, 60% cocoa, : nicely balanced. Smooth. Delicious.
Next, add and . Yum-my. Really – an interesting and savory mix. The white pepper has such a light flavor, and the savory gingery
This is really a wonderful journey, though, in trying all three of these Dolfin bars together really allows you to experience the variety of peppers and cocoa percentages (32 to 52 to 60 percent). After all three, not only are we a little wired, but eager to try more Dolfin bars…

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