Oro Maya Artisan Mexican Hot Chocolate

July 21, 2012 - chocolate

Another bar – ok, not really a bar for eating, but for melting – for hot preparation. Of course! Hot is probably the first relaxing, soothing drink you think of when you’re in Cancún, Playa del Carmen, or other Mexican beach resort, right?No matter, because we’re going to treat this like the Mexican chocolate bar it deserves to be. Honestly, if this were repackaged as an -style, traditional cold-pressed-type chocoalte bar, I would bet they’d do double the business. This is a heavy, 80g bar we’re talking about, and made with only four ingredients: ground cocoa beans, , sugar and soy lecithin (presumably to keep everything from crumbling apart).

Here’s the interesting thing: treating this like a chocolate bar makes this a way more interesting chocolate. There’s a lot of flavors that come out of the beans directly, and the sugar and cinnamon and some higher notes to offset the crumbly, gritty texture. But, because it’s not really chocolate, it doesnt have that creaminess or consistency of chocolate that you’d expect. This, then is it’s downfall: it’s meant to dissolve, and it does this in your mouth so quickly, the flavors don’t remain around long enough.

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