John & Kira’s Urban Garden Bars: guajillo chili pepper + almonds

April 5, 2013 - chocolate

For the uninitiated in the pepper universe, peppers are pretty mild, usually reserved for preparing salsas and sauces. So before we pop a piece into our mouth, we are already anticipating some disappointment in the heat category.

However, the wonderful folks at John & Kira’s (from Philly, yo!) have partnered with a couple organizations to encourage urban gardening and agriculture, youth nutrition education and entrepreneurship. They make an absolutely brilliant mint , using mint grown in these urban gardens, tending by students from Philadelphia schools.

This bar then, is another result from this ongoing project – mixing , almonds and peppers. The chocolate, in true John & Kira style, is crisper and lighter than most chocolate, allowing the flavors to come through quicker, and melts in your mouth a little faster. The peppers, like the mint mentioned above, are grown in urban gardens in Philly, as well as in Washington, DC and Chicago, and provide a good amount of spiciness – like a spicy salsa spicy. The crunch coating on the bottom of the bar provide a crisp counterpoint to the chocolate creaminess.

To really seal the deal, so to speak, is where I tell you that a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these bars goes back to the educational programs supporting the urban gardens the peppers came from.

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