Fortnum & Mason Chocolate no. 37: mexican mole spice

February 27, 2014 / 0 comments

Another trophy from England, thanks to awesome friends, this is a house brand chocolate that’s an interesting take on Mexican chocolate.

Menakao Truly Madagascar Dark Chocolate 70% Bird Chili

February 25, 2014 / 0 comments

First bite of this bar, (all the way from the UK via awesome friends!) and we were practically stupefied by how awesome this was. And, we realized that Madegascar is the next up-and-coming chocolate country, giving South America a run for the money.

Lindt Extra fine dark chocolate infused with red chili

February 2, 2014 / 0 comments

As written elsewhere, we’ve yet to be disappointed with any of the fine chocolates from Lindt. (However, we are extremely curious as to what constitutes ‘fine dark chocolate’ and what is ‘extra fine dark chocolate.’)

Taza Chipotle Chili Chocolate Mexicano

December 21, 2013 / 0 comments

This was a chocolate on our wish-to-try list recently, and finally picked up a bar. In Somerville, MA, (Suhmahville) these chocolatiers use and grind organic cocao beans using Oaxacan stone mills, in a traditional mexican-style process.

Chocomize Dark Chocolate with Cayenne and Mini Chipotle Peppers

March 13, 2011 / 0 comments

Hats off to the folks over at they’ve developed an online chocolate ordering tool to allow customers to create custom made chocolate bars. And they’re local too, located just across the river in Cherry Hill.

B.T. McElrath Chile Limón Chocolate

February 22, 2010 / 0 comments

The more chocolates we try, the more I seem to think that the further north (colder) they come from, the better the chocolate. Case in point: B.T. McElrath’s Chile Limón bar, from Minnesota. This is a chocolate bar that wants to be a truffle. In terms of our rigid criteria in meeting awesomeness, this one…

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Vivani Ecuador Edel Bitter Chili 70% dark

October 23, 2009 / 0 comments

Maria Tepozteca Chocolate Xocolatl (Chile)

August 7, 2009 / 2 comments

Picked this interesting chocolate up while down in Cancún, Mexico. Marketed as a traditional, Aztec-style chocolate, this massive 200g bar had me at “Chile.” “It tastes sweet and a little bit spicy. And, it feels smooth and good.” – 5-year-old.

Lindt Chili Dark

May 15, 2009 / 0 comments

This chocolate is a tantalizing conundrum. If we look at this from the chocolate point of view, then this dark Swiss chocolate is what one would hope to have for a mass-market gourmet chocolate: it’s silky smooth, with a tantalizing mouthfeel. It’s dark – not sure exactly how dark since no cocoa percentages are on…

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Chuao Spicy Maya

September 11, 2008 / 0 comments

Heaven in a bar? here it is: cocoa, cinnamon, spices, chilies perfectly blended together. Short and sweet: perfect sweetness, creamy chocolate, complex character from cinnamon and chilies. These guys from Carlsbad, California make a damn good chocolate. We picked this up in Wegman’s, where it was significantly higher in price than other bars, but I…

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Chocolove: Chilies & Cherries in Dark Chocolate

September 11, 2008 / 0 comments

This is helluva nice bar – great balance between the chili peppers and the intensely sweet cherries. If you’ll recall, these guys from Boulder made an Almonds & Cherries bar we reviewed (and liked), so our first question is: are these Michigan cherries? Or they from somewhere else? Never mind the cherries – it’s the…

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Frey Supreme Hot Chili Pepper

June 15, 2008 / 0 comments

One look at the bright red wrapper of this bar and you would think we’ve finally found the end-all of spicy chocolate bars: two chili peppers and a piece of chocolate are pictured with “Extra Fine dark chocolate with chili.”

Redstone’s Red Chili Chipotle dark chocolate bar

April 29, 2008 / 0 comments

Nice dark chocolate (72% cocoa), made by Redstone Foods in Texas. Infused with chipotle chili pepper, this has a methodically increasing heat level as the chocolate washes away out of your mouth. The heat is pretty even and strong, and hits its peak about half a minute after the last bit of chocolate is gone….

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Frey Chocolate Hot Chili Pepper

March 28, 2008 / 0 comments

Turn up the heat! Finally, a dark chocolate with some teeth. Dry chilies that kick it up a notch. Frey chocolates, a Swiss chocolate company (the only one left?) recently introduced to the American market via Target stores. And all we can say is: thanks, Target!

Dagoba Xocolatl dark chocolate, chilis and nibs

March 14, 2008 / 1 comment

So I’m reading this label and wondering what the heck ‘nibs’ are. Are nibs to cocoa beans what giblets are to turkey? Turns out, it’s probably what you expect it to be: roasted cocoa beans, broken into smaller pieces, essentially a purist’s version of chocolate chips.