Equal Exchange Lemon Ginger chocolate with Black Pepper

August 13, 2013 / 0 comments

Equal Exchange has surprised us with some of the chocolate they’re putting out: between this and their hot chocolate mix, we are some happy spicy chocolate fans. Combine with their coffee, and it’s even better, and you can feel good about getting your spicy on.

2 Chicks with Chocolate – Cocoa Tiles and Chocolate Pops

August 5, 2010 / 0 comments

As regular readers are probably aware by now, I’m on a simple quest to try and find the best spicy chocolates I can find. Dark, milk, whatever, as long as it’s gots some of dat heat!

Dolfin Chocolat Au Lait Au Hot Masala

December 16, 2009 / 0 comments

Dolfin is a fantabulous Belgian chocolate maker. They have a number of interesting sounding chocolates, so on a recent trip to NYC we picked a couple up to try. Two words made this an easy pick: hot masala.

New Tree Sexy Ginger Belgian chocolate

December 16, 2009 / 0 comments

Another interesting chocolate we picked up courtesy of our friends at Chelsea Market Basket in NYC. It has ginger flavor, and, unexpectedly, guarana extract. Yes, it’s Red Bull in a chocolate.

Dagoba Organic Chocolate Lemon Ginger

March 14, 2008 / 0 comments

Found this other organic chocolate line from Oregon – a nice base chocolate, with crystallized ginger and a hint of lemon. The chocolate is well-made, smooth and even-tasting: not too bitter, not too sweet. Ok, so maybe for my taste it’s not too bitter, I admit I like chocolate on the bitter side, to better…

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