Frey Supreme Hot Chili Pepper

June 15, 2008 / 0 comments

One look at the bright red wrapper of this bar and you would think we’ve finally found the end-all of spicy chocolate bars: two chili peppers and a piece of chocolate are pictured with “Extra Fine dark chocolate with chili.”

Choxie dark chocolate Ceylon spice bar

June 15, 2008 / 0 comments

Found this in the discount bin of our local Target. This is a nice, fairly spicy bar, with good texture from the cocao been nibs mixed in. I was surprised, honestly, with the balance of ingredients in this bar; it’s not what we expected.

Redstone’s Red Chili Chipotle dark chocolate bar

April 29, 2008 / 0 comments

Nice dark chocolate (72% cocoa), made by Redstone Foods in Texas. Infused with chipotle chili pepper, this has a methodically increasing heat level as the chocolate washes away out of your mouth. The heat is pretty even and strong, and hits its peak about half a minute after the last bit of chocolate is gone….

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Frey Chocolate Hot Chili Pepper

March 28, 2008 / 0 comments

Turn up the heat! Finally, a dark chocolate with some teeth. Dry chilies that kick it up a notch. Frey chocolates, a Swiss chocolate company (the only one left?) recently introduced to the American market via Target stores. And all we can say is: thanks, Target!

Frey Chocolate Citron & Poivre (lemon & pepper)

March 28, 2008 / 4 comments

Wow – once in a while you try a chocolate that really makes you stop and think about what you’re trying. This is one of them – what a delicious combination of dark swiss chocolate (55%), lemon powder and black pepper. Made by Frey Chocolate, a Swiss chocolatier recently (2006?) introduced their chocolate into the…

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Dagoba Xocolatl dark chocolate, chilis and nibs

March 14, 2008 / 1 comment

So I’m reading this label and wondering what the heck ‘nibs’ are. Are nibs to cocoa beans what giblets are to turkey? Turns out, it’s probably what you expect it to be: roasted cocoa beans, broken into smaller pieces, essentially a purist’s version of chocolate chips.

Chuao Chocolatier: Spicy Maya Hot Chocolate

January 27, 2008 / 0 comments

Another freezing weekend, another opportunity to try hot chocolate mix… When you open this can of mix, the first thing that strikes you is the consistency of the mix itself. There’s nuggets of chocolate in the mix. Once you’ve made it – the instructions note to bring water to boil, add mix, keep boiling and…

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Lake Champlain Organic Bars: Dark Spicy Aztec

January 25, 2008 / 0 comments

Let’s begin with the reviews from the harshest critics we know – first from the four-year-old: “Darker brown, kind of little bit spicy, like it a tiny bit. When I try to bite it, it’s alittle hard – can I have some water?” Two-year-old: “More, more, good!” So this bar is real reason we’re here…

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Vosges – Aztec Elixir Couture Cocoa

January 20, 2008 / 0 comments

Mmmm… another hot chocolate mix! These is a premeasured packet for 4 oz of hot chocolate (is this enough to satisfy most people? I need at least 8 oz to make me happy…). On first taste, what really stands out is how well-rounded it is: not overly sweet, not over doing it with too much…

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Lake Champlain – Aztec Spicy Hot Chocolate

January 12, 2008 / 0 comments

This is one of six flavors of hot chocolate mix that the Lake Champlain Chocolate folks produce, and as you may expect, this is my favorite. Other flavors include Traditional, Raspberry, Mocha, Old World, Organic and Unsweetened Cocoa. This mix produces a nice creamy chocolate, with a hint of cinnamon and ample bite from the…

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Vosges – Red Fire Bar

December 31, 2007 / 0 comments

Chocolate intended for Aztecs. Delicious. Dark chocolate with a slow-building ancho and chipotle chili undertone. Cinnamon nicely bridges the spice with the chocolate, and fills the gap on flavor between the burnt caramel chocolate and the crescendo of the chilies. 4 yr. old: “I don’t like it. It’s too spicy” (Note: she also feels candy…

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