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September 9, 2008 - chocolate

While hunting around our local Wal-Mart, I stumbled across these in a discount endcap. I realize the notion of a discount rack in Wal-Mart should raise some red flags, but given this item’s name, and that was a a buck or two (I can’t remember the price anymore), I decided it was worth investigating.
Worth purchasing? Hardly. You get a nice box with my name on it, and six chocolates plopped into a plastic molded tray: Espresso truffle (more sickly Russell-Stover-sweetish than coffee flavored), soft caramel, key lime ( with a filling that was more like -water taffy), pistachio nougat, citrus creme (more salt water taffy wrapped in white-ish chocolate) and dark chocolate.
Ok, so this is a -oriented blog, we’ve tasted quite an assortment of chocolate, so we [think we] know dark chocolate, Mr. Stouffer, and this, sir, is no rich dark chocolate. Enough said?

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