Nestlé 100 Grand

January 1, 2009 - chocolate / ranting & raving

With the onset of a New Year, I thought I’d take it upon myself to make a resolution to not be so freakin’ high-falutin’ with our reviews, or at least in selecting the chocolates we end up good/bad-mouthing here.
Bearing this in mind, here’s probably my all-time favorite candy bar: the humble 100 Grand bar(s). I continue to marvel that Nestlé always packed this as two candy bars, not one single bar, and for good reason: it’s just too much to ingest as one single piece.
So what if this is merely milk chocolate, with caramel and rice-krispie-infringing Crispy Crunchies? This is about as close to the perfect combination of ingredients to substantiate an impulse purchase. There’s just enough caramel to keep everything lingering in your mouth as you crunch up the crunchies, and the milk provides a decent amount of foundation to keep the caramel from singing too loudly.
There, I did it. I wrote a review about a plain ol’ ordinary candy bar. Take that, snobs, and happy new year! And don’t panic, I got over a dozen new chocolates to work through in the weeks ahead, and some of them sound fantastic.
Final note: a word to the wise for gift ideas for next year – Vosges truffles. Go all out and get the box of 32: simply awesome.

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