Kallari 85% single source organic chocolate

January 6, 2009 - chocolate

Very interesting, especially comparing this to the 75% Kallari, I’m truly amazed the difference that the extra 10% makes. This is not like the 75% at all – completely different flavor spectrum, much more restrained and concentrrated. This really is a -lovers’ chocolate, but borderline too intense. The overwhelming cocoa-ness very nearly drowns out some of the notes we experienced with the 75%.

Five-year-old: “I do not like this at all. Yeck – I need to spit it out. I like the other one much better.”
Seriously, this one just teeters on the brink of bitterness – but when you let this melt on your tongue, you get more of the core flavor that you don’t get with the 75%: deep, earthy flavors, almost olive and the high notes are more or hazelnut. Intense.

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