Chuao Chinita Nibs

May 14, 2009 - chocolate

In a word – yummerific. Ok, so I’m a little biased: I (heart) Chuao chocolates – I have yet to be disappointed. Throw in caramelized cacao nibs, nutmeg into and you’ve got a winner.

Bonus: girls in the three- to five-year-old category appreciate the shiny purple wrapper. How can you go wrong?

A 60% cocoa mix of single-origin chocolate, this bar rocks. A light, fruity initial flavor gives way to a middle-note nutmeg, and as the chocolate dissolves, the emerge for textural contrast. The finish is not bitter but complex, and the nutmeg fades slowly away to reveal more berry and earthy notes.
In short, a clear winner. Definitely on the buy again list.

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