Dagoba Conacado – 73% Dark Chocolate, Dominican Republic origin

August 17, 2009 - chocolate

Dagoba has a phenomenal line of , chocolates. We tried another in the line this past weekend, called “conacado,” after the Conacado Fair Trade co-op in the Dominican Republic.
This is truly a wonderful chocolate – the flavor covers a wide spectrum of sweet tart (cherry? cranberry?), coffee, hazelnut, and .
This hits it home in all the categories – earthy but smooth mouthfeel, great consistency, great taste. It says organic, and it feels organic – not like that crazy tree-hugging, Prius-driving, recycled hemp clothes aunt of yours, but like you’re on the cocoa farm, trying samples alongside the farmer.
So, if I haven’t been clear enough – this is a really good chocolate; a Top 10 contender.
Five-year-old’s thoughts: “Bitter; I can taste a little bit of sour (simultaneously eating a Tootsie Pop), grape juice.”

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