Café Tasse Noir Poivre de Szechuan

December 16, 2009 - chocolate

Among the many Belgian chocolates I recently found at Chelsea Market Basket, this was one of the most interesting I tried. Now, it’s important to note that I say interesting – it is not my favorite, but I am glad I got to try this.
You open this bar up – it’s a delicious smelling 54% . You take a bite, and wham! Right away you’re blindsided with the . It doesn’t sneak up on you, it doesn’t gracefully enter the room, it jumps on top of your tongue and rodeo rides it until you give up. And after you give up, it’s still around – remember you were eating ? The lingers on the back of your tongue like Anbesol.
Alright, so perhaps I’m a little over the top. Try this chocolate and you tell me. I can see where this might turn some people off. Me, I like it: I think it’s interesting.

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