Chip’n Dipped Hot! Chocolate

May 30, 2013 - chocolate

On first bite, the dark in this bar (63%) comes through alone: it’s good, it’s okay, it’s dark . This is supposed to be chocolate, so then I’m waiting for the heat to kick in, after all, this is called Hot! Chocolate.

So while I’m waiting, I start reading the label. This chocolate is made by Chip’n Dipped in New York. It’s kosher, no gluten, andChip'n Dipped no dairy. Ahh – that’s why the chocolate is okay, but not fantastic – the creaminess is missing. Most chocolates are gluten free, so there’s no surprise there. The heat is derived from the pepper.

Finally, I get something that must be the heat, but it leaves a lot to be desired. It takes a while to appear, and by then most of the chocolate is gone – leaving more of a raw heat in the back of your mouth, into your throat – more like eating something you didn’t expect to have heat. The flavors are basic – chocolate, sans buttery creaminess, and habanero pepper, which is really just heat, not the smokiness from or , and no other spices. At least , or cardamom, might have given this a little more depth.


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