Equal Exchange Lemon Ginger chocolate with Black Pepper

August 13, 2013 - chocolate

Equal Exchange has surprised us with some of the they’re putting out: between this and their hot mix, we are some happy fans. Combine with their coffee, and it’s even better, and you can feel good about getting your spicy on.As a worker-owned co-op, they partner with small-scale farmers to gain the access to commercial markets they wouldn’t normally have access to. That means folks like me can get to try some, taste it, enjoy it, and tell you all about it. They source the cacao and sugar from farmers across Central and South America, and vanialla from Madagascar. All put together, and you get a nice, well-rounded chocolate bar with just a touch of heat!

This particular bar has an even mouthfeel – not too creamy, not too crumbly – even bitter/sweet flavor, and the gives some foundation under the sweet candied and high notes of . This is an enjoyable bar!


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