Equal Exchange Lemon Ginger chocolate with Black Pepper

August 13, 2013 / 0 comments

Equal Exchange has surprised us with some of the chocolate they’re putting out: between this and their hot chocolate mix, we are some happy spicy chocolate fans. Combine with their coffee, and it’s even better, and you can feel good about getting your spicy on.

Safeway Select Dark Chocolate with Lemon & Pepper

March 24, 2011 / 0 comments

We’ve noticed lately hints of trends: supermarkets venturing into house branding their own chocolates; and more adventurous mixing of fruits and spices into chocolates (read: line extensions to take up more shelf space).

Choxie dark chocolate lemon biscoti truffle bar

June 15, 2008 / 1 comment

Another Choxie from Target, this is more candy bar than chocolate. Dark chocolate coating around soft, lemon white chocolate truffle filling inside. Nice, light, airy, almost fluffy tasting. I think lemon is so-so; it could be nicer if it were less sweet and more tart. If you’re a dark chocolate fan, you can skip this…

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Frey Chocolate Citron & Poivre (lemon & pepper)

March 28, 2008 / 4 comments

Wow – once in a while you try a chocolate that really makes you stop and think about what you’re trying. This is one of them – what a delicious combination of dark swiss chocolate (55%), lemon powder and black pepper. Made by Frey Chocolate, a Swiss chocolatier recently (2006?) introduced their chocolate into the…

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Dagoba Organic Chocolate Lemon Ginger

March 14, 2008 / 0 comments

Found this other organic chocolate line from Oregon – a nice base chocolate, with crystallized ginger and a hint of lemon. The chocolate is well-made, smooth and even-tasting: not too bitter, not too sweet. Ok, so maybe for my taste it’s not too bitter, I admit I like chocolate on the bitter side, to better…

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