MacMurray Ranch 2007 Central Coast Pinot Noir

January 1, 2009 - wine

Well, dear reader, it has been over two months since a decent review, so we had better get cracking with a new year
approaching fast
freshly arrived.
Not sure where we picked this bottle up, but no matter – this is better than just decent for under $20 (I think it’s less than $20), once it has had some time to breathe. Fresh out of the bottle is a bit harsh, but an hour later, this presents a nice combination of berries (cranberry? pomegranate? something tart) and spice under the nose. And you know how we feel about chocolate, so that makes this a thumbs up.
Notes on a 2006 we’ve seen suggest more blueberry and vanilla, but I feel pretty strongly this is more /nutty and a more tart berry than blueberry.

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