Nunu Bacon Toffee Crunch

August 18, 2014 - chocolate

Handmade chocolate: check. Sustainably farmed: check. Bacon: check. Nunu Chocolates are based in Brooklyn, and have hit me with a pretty yummy Bacon bar, that combines the flavors of buttery toffee, a not too throaty and the sweet deliciousness that is bacon.Okay, so it doesn’t have chili or or listed among the ingredients. But, as a reader who has been paying attention, you know too well that bacon listed as an ingredient earns a a spot on the big board – like Sir Francis Bacon, Vosges and Mo’s – all excellent bacon bars.

What makes this bar interesting is the flavor: even with the addition of chewy bits of bacon, the flavor is more bitter – a nice bitter – than one would expect. The is almost more coffee, and the buttery flavor comes through as more caramel, a burnt caramel. Compound this with the sweet and savory bacon, and you know how this bar tastes: yummy.

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