Hägeland Limited Selection – Costa Rica 71%

June 17, 2010 - chocolate

If you’ve read any of our other reviews, you may be familiar with our thinking about dark chocolates: in general, we believe the sweet spot for is somewhere between 60% and seventy percent. Here then, is a that makes a strong case for one just outside our sweet spot spectrum.
Made by Hägeland from Belgium, this is another of the fashionable single source chocolates; in this bar, cocoa from is the focus. Like other chocolates we’ve tried from this region, we get a strong earthy, woody, almost smoky flavor from the chocolate.
What’s nice about this particular chocolate, unlike some of the darker, more bitter chocolates we’ve had, is that it is not overly bitter, or rough. It is smooth, but not creamy, and it doesn’t have an overly complex flavor. It’s straight out enjoyable.
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