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October 12, 2008 - chocolate

Just how I remember this: milky, rich chocolate. 30% cocoa, 15% milk solids, here’s a nice milk chocolate bar. It’s not as rich as some other Cadbury milk chocolates that tend to linger in your mouth and give a bit more texture and flavor (clearly, we are influenced by a sincere favoristism for Flake bars). I would say that this is the milk chocolate that tastes like the nicest chocolate Easter bunnies you’ve ever received. This also has a touch of hazelnut, that makes it taste more upscale, and not as plain-jane as some of the more generic milk chocolates we’ve encountered.
Side note: E. Wedel, which makes this chocolate in Poland (home to some of the better confectionaries in Europe, IMHO), is a division of Cadbury.
Five year old’s comments: “Little milky, tastes like lemony fruit. Smooth, I like it ’cause i want to have it again.”

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